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Thank you for your interest in joining the Reusable Industrial Packaging Association (RIPA)! RIPA is the premier trade association for reconditioners, manufacturers and distributors of reusable industrial packaging in North America. RIPA offers its members outstanding technical programs, compliance assistance, industry news and issue advocacy. RIPA is the best source of regulatory, technical, legal and business information. Our monthly newsletter, “Reusable Packaging Today”, is read by reconditioners, manufacturers, regulators and packaging users globally. Our website was the first of its kind in the industrial packaging industry and is a great source of information.

      RIPA’s meetings give you access to a wide range of important information about emerging business trends, new technologies and industry developments. Our Steel Drum, Plastic Drum, Fiber Drum, IBC and Flexible IBC Product Groups allow members to focus on the issues related to specific packaging products. Every RIPA member can participate in any one or all of these groups. Each Product Group sets its own agenda and can make policy recommendations to the RIPA Board of Directors. Supplier / Associate Members also participate fully in the Product Groups and also elect a representative to the Board of Directors. This category of membership generally includes businesses that provides parts, supplies, and services to container reconditioners and manufacturers.

        RIPA is a valuable source of regulatory compliance assistance. Members have access to a staff that knows the fine points of U.S. and international standards. Also, RIPA is the voice of the reusable industrial packaging industry before regulatory agencies, the public and the various international standards-settings organizations. The association works on members’ behalf to help shape laws, regulations and standards that support the manufacture and reuse of reusable packaging. RIPA also supports the international association for reconditioners which conducts important work on standards and policies that affect packaging and reconditioners worldwide. And finally, RIPA interacts with packaging user groups and offers all packaging users clear and accessible information on reusable industrial packaging.

        RIPA holds an annual conference each fall and a technical conference each spring. At each fall conference, Supplier Members are invited to set-up displays – free of charge – in the Exhibition Hall adjacent to the main meeting room. More information on upcoming conferences and other events can be found under “Conferences” on this website.

       Linked at the top of this page are membership applications for the various categories of membership. See the back of the applications for the dues level or dues scale. For reconditioners and distributors, applications require the accountant’s certification of revenue included in the form.

          For a complete overview of RIPA member benefits read “RIPA Member Benefits.

     Officially, there is a 30-day period of review for all applications. However, all applicants are added to RIPA’s e-mail lists for important mailings as soon as applications are received.

           If you have any questions, please contact us at (301) 577-3786.   Thank you!

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