For more than 80 years, the Reusable Industrial Packaging Association (RIPA) has been the leading trade association representing North American reconditioners, manufacturers and distributors of reusable industrial packaging. RIPA represents over 90% of the industrial packaging reconditioning industry in North America, as well as many of the world’s leading manufacturers of steel, plastic and fiber drums, as well as intermediate bulk containers. The term “industrial packaging” includes steel, plastic and fiber drums, as well as intermediate bulk containers.  The RIPA membership also includes many of the leading suppliers of packaging parts and accessories.

As a condition of membership, all RIPA members agree to conform to a Code of Operating Practice, which sets forth specific guiding principles for operations, packaging reuse and recycling. These guidelines are intended to improve the industry’s performance in the areas of regulatory compliance, environmental management, waste reduction and recycling.

RIPA is the industry’s information clearinghouse. The association sponsors workshops and meetings that provide information about issues of importance to the entire industrial packaging business, helping to guarantee its continued success. The group’s Annual Conference, Technical Conference and compliance workshops help ensure that members understand key issues affecting their businesses, and can learn about technical and business developments. The association publishes an industry newsletter, “Reusable Packaging Today,” and distributes Special Bulletins on issues of immediate concern to members.

RIPA is a founding member of the International Confederation of Container Reconditioners (ICCR), which represents the global reconditioning industry in regulatory and standards-setting forums throughout the world.

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