RIPA Goes “Live” on Social Media

RIPA has taken the next big step towards global dissemination of information about issues of importance to the reconditioning industry.  We’re now “live” on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook! And, we have created a blog on our web site that will be regularly updated with news and articles of interested to members and, importantly, your customers. […]

What Does Empty Really Mean?

Thousands of manufacturing companies in the United States purchase raw materials in industrial packaging, such as drums and intermediate bulk containers. A majority of drums and IBCs filled in the United States contain materials regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or both. Millions of steel and plastic drums, as […]

Circular Economy Legislation – The International Experience

Executive Summary. INTRODUCTION. A relatively recent shift in economic thinking has gained influence in some developed countries. Thinking of the economy as a closed system — as opposed to a linear system — has spawned legislation that seeks to hold waste production and energy consumption within acceptable limits. Examples include elaborate recycling and waste management […]

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