Are industrial packaging reconditioners & manufacturers “essential businesses”? You bet they are.

As we struggle as a nation to confront and defeat COVID-19, state Governors are issuing lists of “essential businesses” that must stay open to make needed products like sanitizing solutions, lubricants for machinery and much more.  Reconditioners and manufacturers of steel and plastic drums, as well as intermediate bulk containers, provide containers to key industry sectors, including energy, petroleum, chemical and waste management, water and waste water sanitation, and much more.  Without these containers, these products could not be shipped and essential industries would no longer be able to keep their doors open.  Industrial packagings are so vital to the nation’s economy that they have been listed on the Department of Homeland Security’s “Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce.”  Click here for a copy of the DHS/CISA guidance.

Members of the Reusable Industrial Packaging Association produce tens of millions of industrial containers every year for customers all over the U.S.  They are proud of their contribution to the American economy and the effort to defeat Coronavirus.

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