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    Industrial Packagings are Great Examples of Circular Economy Principles

    From Lubes and Greases Magazine. Nearly 35 million industrial packagings, such as steel and plastic drums as well as intermediate bulk containers, are reconditioned and returned to productive service by RIPA members every single year. Not only do reused industrial packagings save massive amounts of carbon emissions when compared to newly manufactured single-trip packagings of the same type, they are nearly perfect examples of Circular Economy principles, which place reuse at the top of the environmental pyramid, ahead of recycling.

    RIPA Comments on a Pending Proposal Involving “USA” Packaging Mark

    RIPA has submitted to U.S. DOT its comments on a petition (not yet published as a proposal for review) that would allow UN packagings made by foreign manufacturers to nevertheless be marked “USA” if certified for hazardous materials at a U.S. authorized lab.

    RIPA Board Elects Michael Bank Chair for 2020-2021

    The RIPA Board of Directors has elected Michael Bank, CEO, Containerbuyers, Inc. to Chair the association. Mike assumes office on January 1, 2020 and will serve a two-year term. The Board also elected Mr. Tim O’Bryan, Vice President, O’Bryan Barrels, and Mr. Barry Wingard, Director, Container Life Cycle Management, to serve as Vice Chair and Treasurer, respectively. Although he still has several months to serve, the Board would like to express their thanks to our current Chair, Brian Evoy, and his fellow officers, Jerry Butler (Vice Chair) and Eric Bernath (Treasurer), for all their hard work these past two years.

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