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    RIPA 82nd Annual Conference and Exposition, Hershson Award Honorees

    RIPA will hold its 82nd Annual Conference October 25 – 27, 2023 at the luxe Four Seasons Hotel located in the heart of St. Louis, Missouri.  Not only will you be staying at a world-class hotel (with a participating spa), you’ll have a great opportunity to visit with old friends and colleagues, enjoy great food, and get up-to-date on a number of pressing issues facing the industry […]

    Invitation to Exhibit at International Conference in September in Ghent, Belgium

    The Conference Organization Committee is offering your company a unique opportunity to present your products and services to current and prospective customers.  Important decision-makers from the world’s leading reconditioning and manufacturing companies will be in attendance and will want to see your company’s products.  Click through to see the full letter of letter of invitation. […]

    2023 International Conference on Industrial Packaging in Belgium

    The 2023 ICCR Conference on Industrial Packaging will take place September 26 – 29 in Ghent, Belgium at the Marriott Hotel.  This will be the first such conference held since the Tokyo meeting in 2018, due to COVID-19.  The conference theme, “Industrial Packaging and the Circular Economy”, will ensure that attendees and speakers from all […]

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