NEW: RIPA Webinar on COVID and Employer Planning and Legal Considerations

Click HERE to see the latest RIPA Webinar (July 29, 2020). This edition focuses on COVID and employment law (59 mins). PASSCODE is AntYr!08. (Note: That is an exclamation point in the code.)

In this edition you will learn:

What are your OHSA reporting responsibilities when a COVID-19 claim is accepted as work related?

How to deal with a whistleblower claim related to COVID-19; more than 2000 such claims have been filed with OSHA since February 2020;

What your responsibilities are for ADA – and Family Leave claims;

How to prepare for worker’s compensation claims related to COVID-19.  Did you know at least 18 states have passed laws that put the burden on employers to prove they did not cause an employees COVID-19 illness?

The boundaries between personal and work time is changing for activities like temperature checks;

…and much, much more.

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