RIPA Submits Comments to U.S. DOT on Wide Ranging Regulatory Review

U.S. DOT Solicits Input of Any of its Regulations that Should Come Under Review

See    HERE     RIPA’s  official comments to DOT in response to the agency’s call for input on DOT regulations that should be considered for possible withdrawal or revision.    The call for comments was made in response to an Executive Order from the White House issued soon after the inaugurations last January.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        RIPA’s comments focus on five areas of regulatory concern, a couple of of which actually would require regulatory action to provide relief: one, to broaden options in leakproofness testing operations and, another, to make more practical the standard for adherents on steel drum surfaces after reconditioning. Other suggestions are to extend periodic testing of design types beyond the current annual basis, and to move on RIPA’s past requests that emptied IBCs be granted similar relief as emptied drums when shipping to a reconditioner or remanufacturer.





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