2019 RIPA Annual Conference & Suppliers Exposition

78th RIPA Annual Conference and Exposition

October 2-4, 2019

Naples, FL


The Suppliers Exposition this year included:

Banjo Corp.                 BASCO, Inc.                     Catalytic Products  Intl.
CDF Corp.                    Clean Earth Systems    Con-Tech Intl.
Drum Parts, Inc         Merco Machines            NLB Corp.
Picco Coatings          Quala                                 Rod Stewart Consulting
Sheboygan Paint      TriSure                              Vecoplan, LLC
Enterprise Marking Products                           Grotnes


Over 100 RIPA members convened October 2-4, 2019 in Naples, FL for the 78th Annual Conference
and Suppliers Exposition. The event was held in conjunction with IPANA’s Annual Conference where that group was celebrating the 75th Anniversary for the Industrial Steel Drum Institute (ISDI).

A record number of exhibitors turned out for the Suppliers Exposition which ran concurrently with the Welcome Reception and much of the following day’s activities. The Suppler Members also convened as a group to discuss ways to optimize the flow of attendees and the placement of exhibits. The group also discussed its role in the association’s governance and some other matters of administration such as
the Board seat held by the Supplier Committee.

Thursday’s Joint RIPA / IPANA Main Program featured keynote speaker, Mr. John McConnell who delivered a fascinating and emotional talk about his time in the White House as a speechwriter for President George W. Bush. In particular, he spoke eloquently about events around 9/11 and his significant role in crafting the President’s address to Congress in the wake of that awful day. He also offered some levity in describing several of the more humorous aspects of being a Presidential speechwriter.

Next on the agenda was Mr. Ernie Davis, Global Technology Manager for ExxonMobil, who presented an authoritative look at future energy markets extending out to 2040. He believes that global economic activity will steadily increase and that the resulting increases in demand for energy will be met by a somewhat shifting mix of fossil fuels, nuclear power, biomass energy and renewable sources, such as wind and solar. Overall energy demand is expected to increase 20% by 2040 with a corresponding increase in global population of 1.6 billion. Interestingly, industrial activity consumes almost half of all energy, with residential needs and transportation taking nearly equal shares of the rest. See   HERE   the full presentation.

Following a break which provided additional “face time” with exhibitors in the Suppliers Exposition, attendees enjoyed a talk by Ms. Jennifer Ronk, Sustainability and Advocacy Manager for Dow. Ms. Ronk walked attendees through her company’s comprehensive plans for sustainability and strategies for meeting their goals. She discussed industrial packaging and the role it could play in Dow’s part of the “circular economy”.

Next was Mr. Jose Pachicano, a Chief Engineer from NAVISTAR, who spoke about electric powered trucks and their expected role in the transportation business over the next several years. NAVISTAR is a major manufacturer of commercial trucks and buses. Mr. Pachicano advised that a “tipping point” is rapidly approaching for short-haul trucks. The cost of a battery – the most expensive part – is rapidly declining, and total lifetime maintenance costs are already below those of many traditional trucks. And finally, the health and environmental benefits from zero emissions vehicles are significant. See   HERE   the full presentation.

Closing out the Main Program was an informal discussion with PHMSA’s new head of Field Operations (i.e., enforcement), Mr. Carey Davis. Mr. Davis came to PHMSA after a long tenure with Customs and Immigration. He described how that experience instilled in him a number of skills and outlooks that will transfer well into his new role. He stressed how he and his staff are committed to compliance, and helping to bring people to that outcome rather than just issue penalties. Interestingly, his office will be located in PHMSA’s Atlanta office.

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