2020 RIPA Annual Conference

2020 RIPA Annual Conference

October TBA

Online “Virtual” Program Being Deployed

From the Chair….

Dear Friends,

Probably the last thing I ever expected when you elected me Chair of our association was to experience a global pandemic!  Well, here we are, right in the middle of one of the most difficult periods in the history of the country and our association.

I know all of you are dealing with business issues that require your full attention, but although times may be difficult, I am sure we – all of us – will emerge from this period more unified than ever and prepared for whatever the future may bring.

On Monday, the Board of Directors and Executive Committee met to talk about our fall Annual Conference.  I expect it will come as no surprise that we decided unanimously to cancel the “live” Annual Conference, which was scheduled for early October in Chicago.  This is the same decision made by our conference partners, the Industrial Packaging Alliance of North America, about two weeks earlier.  We considered the fact that corporate travel has been severely limited and likely will remain so for many months.  We looked at the meeting requirements imposed by the Governor of Illinois, which includes a limit of not more than 50 persons in a single event.  And, of course, we thought about the need to protect your health and safety, as well as that of your employees.  In the end, it became quite clear that holding a “live” event this year is simply out of the question.

However, there is some good news in this decision.  We decided to begin planning immediately for a “virtual” Annual Conference, to be held at about the same time as the planned Annual Conference this fall.  IPANA has agreed to partner with us on the event and, frankly, I am pretty excited about the idea – at least under the circumstances.

The fact is that hundreds of associations and businesses are holding or planning to hold “virtual” events that provide quality speakers, great education sessions, interactions with Supplier Members and even engaging “social” happenings.  We’re going to do all we can to make this virtual Annual Conference amazing!

I will be back in touch with you soon with more detailed information about the event, including the dates, times and registration requirements.

In the meantime, stay healthy and keep working on ways to make your businesses stronger and more efficient.


Mike Bank, Chair




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