RIPA is in regular contact with federal officials and a wide range of trade groups who are working hard to develop a comprehensive response to COVID-19. We will do all we can to provide up-to-date information to our members to help you cope successfully with this pandemic.

Scroll down this page to view the association’s Special Bulletins, as well as links to key federal, state and business resources


Special Bulletin 2020-21 (June 26, 2020) Trucking Through Tri-States NY NJ CT During COVID

Special Bulletin 2020-20 (June 23, 2020) U.S. DOT Hazmat Carrier Registration

Special Bulletin 2020-19 (June 7, 2020) U.S. DOT Harmonization Rule HM 215O

Special Bulletin 2020-18 (June 4, 2020) Hours of Service Rule News, OSHA and COVID

Special Bulletin 2020-17 (May 5) Update on State Actions Easing of Restrictions

Special Bulletin 2020-16 (April 22) PHMSA Approves Electronic Signature on Shipping Papers, Aiding Social Distancing.

Special Bulletin 2020-15 (April 20) PHMSA Notice on Relief for Periodic Retesting – REVISED to Include Remanufacturing in the Relief

Special Bulletin 2020-14 (April 16) US OSHA Enforcement and COVID

Special Bulletin 2020-13 (April 13) US OSHA Issues Relief from Determining COVID Cases Among Employees

Special Bulletin 2020-12 (April 9) Hours of Service II

Special Bulletin 2020-11 (April 7) RIPA COVID Section of Website

Special Bulletin 2020-10 (April 3) Small Business Loans During COVID

Special Bulletin 2020-09 (April 1) Paid Leave Requirements During COVID

Special Bulletin 2020-08 (March 24) Trucking Regulatory Relief for COVID

Special Bulletin 2020-07 (March 20) DHS Essential Businesses Designations

Special Bulletin 2020-06 (March 18) California Lockdown; RIPA Sample Letter for Employees

Special Bulletin 2020-05 (March 17) Hours-of -Service Relief

Special Bulletin 2020-04 (March 11) OSHA Guidance on Employee Protection

Special Bulletin 2020-03 (March 6) EPA Guide on Disinfectants; CDC Information

Special Bulletin 2020-02 (February 28) General Alert on COVID-19



DHS / CISA: Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce here.

Sample Letter to State Governors: Industrial Packaging Workers are “Essential” here.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) here.

Small Business Administration: Loan Assistance here.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) here.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) here.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) here.

Department of Transportation (PHMSA) – Description:  PHMSA has provided temporary relief from the hazmat employee training requirements for existing employees.  New employees must still receive training within 90-days of employment. See the notice here.

Department of Transportation (PHMSA) – Description:  PHMSA has provided temporary relief for highway transportation of certain hand sanitizers (Class 3, Flammables) from some hazmat packaging and marking regulations provided certain specified conditions are met.

PHMSA has updated the policy to allow manufacturers operating under FDA guidance to use and FDA label as an alternative marking on small packagings (i.e., up to 8 gallons capacity).

  • See the original policy (April 2, 2020)  here.
  • See the updated policy (April 10, 2020) here.



American Trucking Associations COVID-19 Updates here.

National Association of Manufacturers’ Resources here.

*NEW* NAM State by State Update Table April 24, 2020 Edition here.

NAM State Update Letter: April 7, 2020 Edition here.

American Iron and Steel Institute here.

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