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This section features several pieces with descriptive statistics on the industry, as well as pieces on industry standards, classifications, and codes of operating practice.

RIPA Guidance on Removal of Paints & Adherents from Steel Drum Exteriors  (December 1, 2015)                                                                      – This narrative and pictorial guidance was developed to help reconditioners, shippers and safety regulators understand the processes for preparing steel drum exteriors and the need to protect the steel’s thickness and integrity from excessive treatment (e.g., excessive shot blasting, brushing).

LOGSA / Tobyhanna Package Test Reports:  Summary and Analysis (October 18, 2012)                                                                                           – This slide show presents a summary and preliminary analysis of the LOGSA / Tobyhanna package test reports as formatted and presented by U.S. DOT / PHMSA on the PHMSA website.

RIPA Members’ Codes of Operating Practice (March 1, 2012)
-The reconditioning of steel drums, plastic drums, fiber drums and composite IBCs each has its own “Code of Operating Practice”, developed by RIPA and its members to assure that operations are safe, ethical and protective of the environment. Adherence to these Codes is a condition of membership with RIPA.

SIC & NAICS Codes for Reconditioners, Manufacturers and Distributors (June 1, 2012)
– The industry classification codes – SIC and NAICS – are used frequently in many business and regulatory contexts. For instance, bidding for government work typically requires reporting of these codes. This convenient reference could you save you lots of time and effort tracking down this information. Also included here are the current “small business thresholds”, below which the firm is deemed a small business. These thresholds also can be used in many legal, financial and regulatory contexts.

Industry Survey and Statistics Report 2013  (November 1, 2014)      – Find here the survey and statistics data for the U.S. reconditioning industry in 2013.

Industry Survey and Statistics Report 2011 (May 14, 2012)
– Find here an extensive look at production levels for the reconditioning industry, as well as a detailed profile of the industry’s investments in pollution controls, operational equipment and human resources. This is an excellent guide for policymakers and container buyers. Also, it’s a useful benchmark against which to measure one’s own reconditioning business or related operation.

Industry Historical Production Statistics Through 2011 (September 17, 2012)
– An historical look at production levels for drums and IBCs over several years leading up to 2011.

Industry Survey and Statistics Report 2009 (October 27, 2009)
– Find here the U.S.  industry survey data for 2009.